Sending Pastor

“It is with great joy that I recommend to you Ben and Rachelle Metzger, missionaries to Argentina. I was privileged to serve as their Pastor during their internship at Cherry Street Baptist Church. They have shown themselves to be faithful and willing servants of the Lord. They have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the work of the ministry, including teaching, preaching and personal evangelism. They have not only won people to the Lord Jesus Christ, but also trained others to replace themselves as they transitioned out of the day to day ministry of Cherry Street to begin the deputation process. Ben, Rachelle and their family will be wonderful missionaries to Argentina. They already know the language and the customs which will enable them to be effective immediately upon arriving in the country. This couple is definitely worthy of your prayerful support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to the Metzger family.”

— Rev. Dennis Jennings, Cherry Street Baptist Church. Springfield, MO.

Mission Director

“Both Ben and Rachelle grew up on the mission field as missionary kids and were active in the ministries of their parents. Because they already know the language and the culture, I believe they have a head start in the ministry in Argentina. The Metzgers have completed the necessary education as required by the BBFI and they have also finished their internship at Cherry Street Baptist Church. As a member of Cherry Street Baptist Church I have observed their growth in the Lord and servant hearts as they ministered to the people. You will find both Ben and Rachelle to be very personable and their love for missions is obvious. They are dedicated to the Lord’s call upon their lives and are faithful soul winners for Christ. It is with great confidence that I highly recommend the Metzgers to represent you and your church as missionaries in Argentina. Thank you for considering them and for all your do for world missions.”

— John Konnerup, Mission Director, BBFI. Springfield, MO.

Ben’s Father

“I am very excited and proud as a father and pastor  to see Ben and Rachelle follow God’s leading them to Argentina as missionaries. Observing them growing up in Argentina, and serving their parents in whatever capacity. I know that God will use them effectively. I believe they are both ready to meet the challenges that will be presented to them in Argentina as His willing and uniquely prepared servants.”

— Rev. Dennis E. Metzger, Rose Hill Baptist Church. Willard, MO.

Rachelle’s Father

“As teenagers, both Ben and Rachelle, individually, sensed God’s call on their lives to serve Him as missionaries, and through the years that calling has only become stronger… we thank God for His work in their lives in confirming and strengthening their conviction of His call on their lives, and their desire to return.”

— Rev. Barry L. Courts, Iglesia Bautista Calvario. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“It was my privilege to recommend without any reservation for you to support Ben and Rachelle Metzger. I was witness to their ministry at Cherry St. Baptist Church while I was their Sr. Pastor. They participated in the music ministry, led children’s choir, regularly attended visitation and led souls to Christ. They both also taught Sunday school classes. Ben was a deacon and has the respect of other leaders in the congregation. They would be a great asset to your mission ministry!”

— Rev. Ken Gillming, Boston Baptist College. Boston, MA.

“I count it an honor to give personal recommendation for Ben and Rachelle Metzger as missionaries to the country of Argentina. I’m certain that they will continue this long line of great missionaries that give their lives to reach this world.”

— Dr. Keith Gillming, Lighthouse Baptist Church. St. Louis, MO.

“I can honestly say that this couple has been cultivated by God since they were children to be effective ministers of the Gospel. They worked faithfully with their parents in Argentina for years… I have watched them over the past number of years as they have patiently and thoroughly prepared themselves… I cannot think of one reason why we wouldn’t get completely behind them and promote them getting to the field as quickly as possible.”

— Rev. Charles Bell, West Division Street Baptist Church. Springfield, MO.

“I have known them for several years. For the past few years they have been active members of Cherry Street Baptist Church and recently served on the pastoral staff of Cherry Street. Both he and his wife grew up on the mission field of Argentina, South America. They know what to expect when they arrive on the field. I heartily recommend them; they are worthy of your support.”

— Dr. Loran McAlister, Sr. Adults Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church. Owasso, OK.

“Both Ben and Rachelle were raised in missionary homes. They both have a passion for   Argentina… It is my privilege to recommend them to Argentina through the auspicious Baptist Bible Fellowship International.”

— Rev. David E. Lingo, Berean Baptist Church. Bolivar, MO.

“Growing up in the home of missionaries, Ben and Rachelle understand the joys, benefits, challenges, and struggles and heartaches of being BBFI missionaries… The BBFI will be served well to have Ben and Rachelle as ambassadors of Christ representing us to the people of Argentina.”

— Kevin Carson, D. Min, Sonrise Baptist Church. Ozark, MO.

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