May June 2013


In May we were able to minister to several churches in the Springfield, Missouri area. Each one expressing a desire to partner with us as they are able. We also had a great time of fellowship with other missionaries and pastors at the May fellowship meeting, and Ben had an opportunity to fill up the calendar a little more. We also had the opportunity to help Rose Hill Baptist Church with their first missions conference. What a blessing! June took us up to Minnesota where we had the opportunity to present our ministry at First Baptist church in Baxter, which is Rachelle’s parents’ sending church. We were able to thank them for the impact they’ve had in Rachelle’s life and gain valuable prayer partners. We praise the Lord for several other churches in Iowa and Wisconsin that are considering us for regular monthly support after sharing our ministry with them. We are praising the Lord that over 37% of our needed support has come in, another 10% has been promised and 100% of our airline tickets funds have been raised!

Pastors from some churches we presented at in June

Pastors from some churches we presented at in June


In June we were able to spend time with Rachelle’s family on both her father and mother’s sides through two family reunions. It was great to update family members on God’s leading in our life, enlist several more prayer partners and see them all together before we leave for Argentina, since we will probably not see them again for a long time. We know family time can be stressful with large get-togethers, but we are blessed with a great Godly heritage. It was such a joy to spend almost a full week with each side, seeing how God is working in everyone’s lives. We are so thankful Rachelle’s grandparents brought up their children to love God, which is a large reason why there are missionaries, pastors, and lay leaders throughout both sides of her family. It is one of the  reasons why Rachelle learned to love and serve God!

Courts and Embke Family reunions (both sides of Rachelle's family)

Courts and Embke Family reunions (both sides of Rachelle’s family)


We are thankful for help in planning. Rachelle’s parents, Barry and Diane Courts, were on furlough during the month of June, which allowed us to spend time with them as well. They are excited about our deputation progress almost as much as we are. It was very helpful to sit down with them and ask particular questions that would help us prepare even more for ministry in Argentina. Once again, God used that to stir our hearts for the millions of Argentines who do not yet know Christ. God also provided enough funds for all our airline tickets needed for getting to the field. We can now start saving up for other start up costs we will incur. We will have a list of items and monies needed for that very soon!

Our family with Rachelle's parents and brother, Mike

Our family with Rachelle’s parents and brother, Mike

Click here to download: Prayer Letter- May Jun 2013

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