September October 2013

Countless Blessings

You most likely remember singing, “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done.” That pretty well summarizes these last two months. It has been a whirlwind of meetings and conferences. In fact, we participated in seven different mission conferences during the months of September and October, and presented our ministry in five other churches on top of that. We praise the Lord for six of those churches who voted to partner with us, and pray that the rest will be able to take us on soon. God has provided almost two-thirds of our needed support, funds for our airline tickets and enough for half our vehicle fund so far. He has also provided valuable, life-long friendships along the way; not only with people we meet at the various churches, but also with fellow missionaries who are following the Lord’s direction in their own lives. What a blessing to know we are not alone, and we have people praying for us specifically as we also pray for them. It is getting close, and we thank you for your faithful prayers and support along the way.

Mission Conference, First Baptist Church, Milford, Delaware

The Alvarez, Metzger, Chau, Robertson and Spore families with Pastor David Perdue at the First Baptist Church Mission Conference in Milford, Delaware.

Mission Conference at Dunnegan Bible Baptist Church, Dunnegan, Missouri

Along with Pastor Terry Faulkner, his family and the Bradleys after the Dunnegan Bible Baptist Church Mission Conference in Dunnegan, Missouri.

Men of God

During a Sunday morning invitation, a man named David went forward to talk to the pastor of the church in which we were presenting. He had realized his previous profession of faith was not genuine, and he could tell by his own life that he was not a true child of God. After hearing a message on surrender, he got it settled that Sunday morning in September. He surrendered to the Savior and took a stand to be the man of God to lead his family. We rejoice in his decision. However, we cannot help but to think of the thousands of men in Argentina routinely abandoning their families due to desperate circumstances. As it also happens here in the U.S., ministry leaders fall because of immorality or lack of integrity. They miss out on the blessing of God’s design for their lives, and the difference they can make in the future generations for the sake of the Gospel. Only a changed life through Christ will make the difference. Please pray for that transformation to happen in Argentina, and for us, as we take the life-changing message of the Gospel to the Argentine people.


September found us in Springfield, MO on a Sunday night so we attended our sending church, Cherry Street Baptist. While there, Ben had the privilege of baptizing our son Lucas! He was saved a year ago in October, but we wanted to be sure that he truly understood what he had done and that he was serious about being a follower of Jesus Christ. So, once he was ready, we had to wait for a a time that we would be at our home church. What a privilege to see him follow the Lord in this step of obedience! Please pray for his spiritual growth. He wants to be obedient to God’s Word, but as the rest of us, the flesh gets in the way many times. We thank God for his tender heart, strong will and endless energy, which we are constantly trying to steer towards the Lord Jesus.

He was definitely excited!

He was definitely excited!

Ben had the priviledge of baptizing Lucas at our home church.

Ben had the privilege of baptizing Lucas at our home church.









Click to download printable PDF: Prayer Letter- Sept Oct 2013

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