July August 2014

Greetings from Argentina!

At approximately 1:30 pm on Wednesday, August 27th, our airplane taxied to a stop at the gate in the Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What a tremendous mix of emotions we experienced as we stepped off the plane onto Argentine soil. What seemed to us to be a lifetime of preparation finally culminated in this moment. We remember the countless hours and endless miles of deputation, the names and faces of people we’ve met along the way, and the churches that have faithfully invested in our ministry and fervently prayed for us as we help them carry out the Great Commission in Argentina. With bittersweet tears we said a temporary goodbye to our earthly family and church family. We regard them with the highest appreciation for their loving investment and encouragement.  We realize that God has prepared our lives and our hearts not only for the moment we set foot on the mission field, but also for the missionary journey that lies before us. This is only the beginning!


Saying goodbye to Ben’s family at the airport.


The past couple of months we have spent packing, going to our last few church appointments, and spending time with friends and family. Time seemed to fly by, and deputation officially ended. God answered our prayers for a smooth transition into the country. Not only did we get through customs without any hassles whatsoever, but we also received our permanent residency visas once again when we went through immigration! Receiving them was a huge answer to prayer. We know you’ve been praying- Thank you! The next phase is getting our children’s residency taken care of. Their paperwork will take a few months to complete, but we have started the process already. They are tourists for now, meeting new friends and learning the culture and the language little by little.

Alenna with some girls from church and her Argentine cousins.

Alenna with some girls from church and her Argentine cousins.

Lucas with some new friends.

Lucas with some new friends.

First Days

Our time since we got here has been spent in both getting our rental house ready to live in (renters have to make the house livable here), and also getting to know the church family here at Iglesia Bautista Calvario (Calvary Baptist Church- Rachelle’s parents’ church in  Buenos Aires). We have purchased many things for the house. Even though we are still waiting for our container we will be moving in soon. We have met the owners and some neighbors already, and we are praying for the opportunities to share the Gospel with them. Please pray with us for the salvation of our landlords, Pablo and Lorena.

Click to print: Prayer Letter- July Aug 2014

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1 Response to July August 2014

  1. Ronald Hand says:

    It had to feel awesome to land in Argentina. I can relate to your feelings of feeling like the preparation process was never going to end. We can’t wait to set foot in Cameroon, Africa. We will pray that God rewards your families faithfulness.

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