November December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Iglesia Bautista Redención experienced her first Christmas season. We were tempted to do a huge production, but had to remind ourselves that bigger is not always better, especially with a small church. So, in order not to overwhelm everyone, we had a simple, but very special, Christmas Eve service, with Bible readings, Christmas carols, special music, and a short skit by the kids. If you want to see some of these, you can look on our facebook page: Also, our church family gave Christmas baskets to two needy families. When we presented this opportunity to the church family, two individual families said that they each had already planned on doing a Christmas basket for two other individuals of the church family! It was such a blessing to see their genuine generosity!

Children’s Christmas skit during our Christmas Eve service.

Recent Happenings

So much ministry is constantly happening throughout our church that it’s hard to know what all to tell. In these past two months there have been souls saved: Sonia (a single mother), Lucas (a young man from the neighborhood), and Duglas (our neighbor) and new discipleship relationships started, not only with us but four other members are stepping up to personally disciple new Christians. Five ladies of our church participated in a women’s retreat, and we also had our first church wedding, of Gabriel and Celeste, a young couple who decided to honor the Lord in their relationship. It is a wonderful time of growth, and although we do have our growing pains, we are encouraged to see people ministering to each other. Please pray for the church members to be faithful during the coming summer months, and also pray for camps during January.

Douglas, a young man who had just given his life to Christ.

Family Fun

We enjoy family visits just like any other family who is far away from loved ones. Ben’s parents came for almost two weeks to visit us in November, and it was wonderful for the kids to have “Grandpa and Grandma time”. Nico only knew them through Skype, since the last time they were here was when he was a few months old. We enjoyed spending some wonderful moments and days with them! Also, Rachelle’s brother, Daniel, who currently lives in the U.S., came for two months, so we were able to see him a few times also! These definitely are cherished times for us!

Ben’s parents came to visit for a couple of weeks.

Rachelle’s brother Daniel came to visit the family for a couple of months.

Click for printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2017- Nov Dec

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