May June 2018

Happy Anniversary!

The most noteworthy event we have had so far this year is Iglesia Bautista Redención’s first Anniversary!!! We are truly blessed to be leading the special group of believers who God has led to congregate with us. The celebration service was a wonderful testament to the wonderful works which God has done this past year. We have been averaging in between 45-50 recently, but were blessed to have almost one-hundred come to help us celebrate this special day, including many first time visitors!

Our whole church family helped in the preparations, which was a blessing. It is so impactful when the whole body joins together to serve each other and visitors who come in the doors of the church. Some of these visitors were the extended family members of Raquel, one of our church members, whose brother passed away suddenly. They have all been shocked by this loss and we are trying to minister to them during this difficult time. Please pray that the whole family would come to know Christ through this ordeal.

Certificates given to those who completed a certain level in the discipleship program.

Many of those present during the anniversary service.

The anniversary cake made by one of our church members.

Rachelle with two young women of our church, Micaela and Celeste (left to right).

Lucas with two of his friends, Aaron and Dylan (left to right).

We would love to share all the photos of the special celebration on here, however we do not have room to do so! If you’d like to see more, you can search for the church on facebook (, and then look through the photo album there. Some of the photos are of our church members and others are of visitors, along with members from our “mother church” who came to support us on this special day. Enjoy!

Click for the printable version: Prayer Letter- 2018- MayJune

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