August – September 2022

CHILDREN’S DAY!!! Something celebrated religiously in August here in Argentina! We were finally able to hold a larger event, inviting the neighbor children to come and participate. Our church family put it together beautifully and received over one-hundred children and parents, who played, sang, ate, and heard a gospel presentation. We praise God for the results of this wonderful day. No one made a profession of faith on that day, but two families have started coming as a result, and the mother from one of those families and the teenage son from another recieved Jesus as their Savior in the following weeks! All the glory be to God!!

Children’s Day listening to the Bible lesson.

Our beautiful NATALIE celebrated her EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY in August! We are so privileged to be her parents, and to see her reach adulthood. We celebrated as a family, and also with her girl friends from church, family and the neighborhood. We thank God for all those who celebrated her life with us. She will also be graduating from highschool in December, following the Argentine school year. Please pray for guidance for her in the coming months and years as she follows the Lord’s leading in her now adult life.

Happy 18th Birthday to Natalie!

Another family blessing was the visit of BEN’S PARENTS. They had wanted to visit in 2020 but because of COVID 19 were unable to do so. The kids caught up on their missed grandparent time, and we enjoyed a couple of weeks with them taking the time to see how our ministry is progressing, helping us out in the ministry, chatting, playing games and siteseeing. We are so very thankful for the encouragement Ben’s parents are to our family and ministry as they  support us and pray for us. We don’t take this lightly since many missionaries do not have this kind of familial support while they serve the Lord on the mission field. Pray especially hard for your missionaries whose families do not support and encourage them.  you can also be that encourgament that they lack. We know that ultimately we do not serve men, but the Lord. However, we also know that the Lord has commanded us to “ …comfort yourselves together, and edify one another…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11. Missionaries are Christians just like you who live in extraordinary circumstances and need prayers and support from loved ones. We are also incredibly thankful for your prayers and support!   

Ben’s parents, Dennis and Rena, came to visit!
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1 Response to August – September 2022

  1. Trudy Ashley says:

    Having your family is a blessing and you have the church family. I know they love you too. Praying for you and your family. Thanking the Lord for you.

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