Summer 2012

The End of the Beginning

God closed one chapter of our lives and started writing a new one this past May. We finished our mission internship at our sending church, Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri under Pastor Dennis Jennings, and started the process of approval with the Baptist Bible Fellowship.

The church held a commissioning service for us, reminding us of the importance of the local church in spreading the Gospel  to the world. We simply could not carry out God’s call on our lives without the support of the faithful churches behind us. We are so thankful for our sending church and all that God has taught us during our time there. What a blessing!

The May Fellowship meeting proved to be a busy time in our lives. Not only was there a lot of things to do, but there were also a lot of people to meet! All the pastors we met during our approval committees were so encouraging, and the approval time itself was inspiring. We thank God for the great support team we have through the BBFI Mission Office in helping us carry out our call to Argentina.

The month of June brought with it a large preparation list to be completed before heading out on the deputation. From packing up the house and selling just about everything, to getting the van ready to go and figuring out how we would fit all we needed: it all had to be done.

Ben’s ordination service

Ben’s ordination was a major item on that list, for which he had been preparing. On June 24th, Ben was ordained to the ministry. What a humbling thought to know that the Holy God uses cracked vessels to herald His message. We praise God for His Word, the power it holds to change lives, and those He has used to challenge us with it. We look forward to the many opportunities we will have to minister to others on deputation.

Starting a New Adventure!

Life is always an adventure when you are on the road. We are learning to pack everything we will need for two– four months at a time in a van and car-top carrier, along with our whole family in less than half an hour! Not only that but we travel for days and when we stop we need to have freshly laundered and ironed clothes, and happy attitudes! It isn’t easy, but with Christ all things are possible!

Our kids ready to go!

We were excited and nervous starting out but God knew what we needed even before we did. He provided some wonderful churches to start out with in the Northeast. We wanted to be a blessing to these churches, but they were definitely a blessing to us! It has only been four weeks into our deputation journey and we have already had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people, sharing our burden for Argentina,  and growing closer as a family. God is good!

Download the PDF: Prayer Letter- Summer 2012

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