September October 2012

The Power of the Word

One of the greatest things about deputation is the many opportunities to meet new people and coworkers in the ministry. Many of these new friends are a constant reminder of the awesome life-changing power of God’s Word.

Crossroads Ministries

We’ve had the recent pleasure of meeting a group of men from a local rescue mission while at a church in Virginia.  Scott, one of those men, shared with us his difficult journey to repentance, recovery and restoration. His excitement and praise to God were contagious!

While at another church in New Mexico, Tom shared his ten-year journey to God and away from alcohol. He is steadily growing, changing and influencing others to do the same. We thank God for these lives that have been delivered by the Gospel, but our hearts are ever more burdened for the millions of Argentines who have yet to hear this message of hope.

12,000 miles and counting…

We have just finished three months of full-time deputation, and been amazed at how God has provided and blessed.

With over twelve thousand miles on our van, we have now become experts at packing (which we now call “fitting,” “squeezing,” or “cramming”). We thank God for the continual safety as we drive from church to church. He shows us again and again that He is in control!

Ministering together with new friends.

Since our last prayer letter, we have another five churches who have committed to help us take the Gospel to the Argentine people. It is such an honor to be included among their missionary families, and to encourage these churches to continue faithfully praying and giving so that the Gospel will reach the unreached.

We also had the opportunity to get to know several veteran missionaries in some mission conferences, being encouraged by their faithfulness and resolve to do whatever it takes to reach and train others for the Gospel.

We cannot count how many new prayer partners we have behind us, but what an encouragement knowing there is an army of people going to the throne of grace on our behalf!

God’s handiwork

One word we want our children to use when looking back on deputation is “fun”. “Fun” is not the reason why we travel all over the country to churches, but it does make it easier on our children. While we, as adults, are called to be missionaries, our children are along for the ride. So, as much as possible, we want to make it enjoyable for them.

One way we do this is by finding sites (usually free or cheap) to  experience. Because of this we have seen many things in our beautiful country ranging from the Smithsonian Museums to Niagara Falls. As adults, our  favorites do tend to be the natural wonders of the United States. We love sharing these with our children, and they enjoy it also. It gives us extra moments to be in awe of our awesome God who formed the canyons, mountains, and waterfalls. Step outside and enjoy the magnificent world God has given us. It will remind you of God’s greatness! Psalm 19:1.

A few of our new ministry partners

Bones at Vistapointe Baptist Church

Kondrackis at Southside Baptist Church

Edwards at First Coast Baptist

Download our recent prayer letter: Prayer Letter- Sept Oct 2012

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