January February 2014


Timing and Provision

Often times in life we wonder why certain things don’t happen and why others do, and looking back we realize that God’s timing and provision were exactly what we needed. The first couple weeks of February were like that for us. After having a great time in several Florida churches  we headed out to West Texas. We finished out January with a conference in Odessa. Ben had been having a difficult time filling the schedule for the first two Sundays of February, though he had been trying for several months. We decided to stay put and visit a few churches around Odessa until it was time for our next appointments in Texas. Knowing how busy our Spring schedule was going to be, we welcomed this time and used it to try to get some sense of “normal” back to our family. That is when our van decided it was time for a new transmission. We thank the Lord that it was the first major breakdown over the course of sixty thousand miles of deputation, and for the family in an area church who was kind enough to let us use their extra vehicle while ours was being repaired. About the same time, our youngest daughter, Alenna, came down with the  flu. It took her a full week for her health to get back to normal. Looking back, we can see the hand of God providing the means for this major repair before we even needed it and allowing our schedule to be open for this “untimely” situation. Both Alenna and the van are back to normal, and we continue to trust the Lord as He works through your faithful prayers for us as we journey on.


Ministry in Argentina

Marriage in Argentina, just as here in the United States, is under constant attack. Because of the immoral Argentine culture it is hard for the Christian men to remain strong in their vows and in their family’s leadership. Also, because of the matriarcal society, the wives struggle to be submissive and respectful to their husbands. As a result, marriage classes, events, counseling and retreats are a must in Argentine churches. In February, churches in Buenos Aires got together for a marriage retreat at the campground.  There were 4 couples from Iglesia Bautista Calvario (the church in which we look forward to ministering) and 17 couples all together. Please pray for these couples that have multiple struggles to work through.


Click for a printable PDF: Prayer Letter Jan – Feb 2014
Click to view a list of setup needs: List of Needs

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