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November News

Many times God throws new things into our lives to change things up. We had one of these blessings made known to us in November, when we found out we will be welcoming a new baby to our family around July 2nd, 2015! We were pleasantly surprised, and thus began the search for a good doctor and hospital to have the baby in. It is something we take for granted in the United States, but the process here is much harder. So, we believe we found the correct clinic to go to and are now under the care of an Argentine Obstetrition here. Please pray that the pregnancy will progress well, and that baby Metzger will arrive safe and healthy.
Our first ultrasound at 12 weeks. Baby is growing well.

Our first ultrasound at 12 weeks. Baby is growing well.

Christmas Wonder

Both Ben and Rachelle were happy to participate in the Christmas program that was written by Rachelle’s brother-in-law, Richard. It was called, “A Date with History”, and we practiced since the end of September, making sure it was well polished. The program also included musical numbers, so we enjoyed singing with a group from the church, and participating in the choir. Even Natalie sang in the choir in Spanish! The group from our church that performed in it were privileged to not only perform it at our church, but also at two other churches. We were so blessed to be a part of this Christmas program that had the impact it did! 5 women were saved on December 21st after seeing the program! Rachelle was overjoyed to lead one of them, Solange, to a saving knowledge of Jesus! What a wonderful privilege!
Ben and Rachelle taking part in a Christmas play.

Ben and Rachelle taking part in a Christmas play.

christmas program 2014 3
Participating in special Christmas music.

Participating in special Christmas music.

Happy New Year

January is here, and so we ask that you pray for things that will be happening this month and the next. We have the privilege of personally discipling a couple of individuals, and hopefully more, as there have been many new salvations in the last few months. Pray these new Christians continue strong in their love for God and their walk with him.
Also, please pray for the youth camps that will take place during the whole month of January. Ben is the key speaker at the first camp of young adults, so our whole family will hopefully be attending. Camp is always an important week for young people, where many decisions are made. Pray that hearts will be tender to the Lord’s leading, and for safety for al those involved. Happy New Year, and thank you for praying for us. We truly appreciate them.

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