July August 2015

One Year Anniversary

August 26-27 marked one year since we left the United States and arrived in Argentina! So much has happened during this last year. We have adjusted well to the new culture and language. The children continue to learn Spanish. Natalie is close to being fluent, and the other two are still learning. We enjoyed welcoming Nicolas to our family, and continue to enjoy having a family with four children now. In ministry, we have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a part of Iglesia Bautista Calvario. Ben and Rachelle have taught Sunday School, Ben is teaching in the Seminary, and we have personally been able to lead 5 individuals to the Lord, and are discipling 5 teens and adults! It has been a great year!

Saying goodbye to Ben's family one year ago.

Saying goodbye to Ben’s family one year ago.

Youth and Children

We asked for prayer for a youth conference in July, and Children’s Day in August. Both were wonderful events. Ben spoke at the youth conference, the theme of which was evangelism. Two girls were saved, and many reported that they now have the boldness and tools to effectively witness to their friends. Praise God! For Children’s Day, our church held an event with games, prizes, and an evangelistic skit and message. We had a huge turnout with almost 200 children present, not counting parents and workers! This was almost double the attendance of the previous year! Now we are helping with follow-up visitation to all the families who came. Please pray as we minister to these families.

Youth Conference "Not Ashamed of the Gospel"

Youth Conference “Not Ashamed of the Gospel”

Children's Day event- The church was packed!

Children’s Day event- The church was packed!

A Huge Thank You

We wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of you who have been praying for us, and giving to our ministry! This past year would have been very difficult with all our transitions here in Argentina without you lifting us up in prayer. Thank you so very much! Also, we want to send a special thank you to our Sent Team from our sending church, Cherry Street Baptist for all you’ve done- especially for the long-distance baby shower when Nicolas was born! And to all those who sent gifts when our good friends Kevin and Stacey came to visit! You truly have blessed us!

Click for printable Prayer Letter- 2015- Jul Aug

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