September October 2015

Traveling Again

The end of September through the beginning of October we traveled for the first time since finishing deputation, but this time with a baby in tow, and in Argentina, which is very different than traveling in the United States. Ben was invited to speak at Iglesia Bautista Biblica’s (Bible Baptist Church) anniversary on the west side of the country, in Bowen, Mendoza. Pastor and Mrs. Norma Cejas welcomed us with open arms. We stayed with them for the weekend. Rachelle spoke at their ladies’ meeting and Ben preached for the Sunday services. The church people were a blessing to us, and we enjoyed getting to know them. Argentines are very hospitable which was one of the reasons we enjoyed our time there immensely.

With Pastor Carlos and Norma Cejas at their church's anniversary.

With Pastor Carlos and Norma Cejas at their church’s anniversary.

Childhood Places

We continued on our journey to San Luis, the city in which Ben’s parents had ministered for eleven years. The time there was full of nostalgic moments as Ben introduced the kids to different places from his childhood. This turned to joy when we saw many of the people that had been a part of Ben’s church growing up. Not only was it a blessing to see old friends, but God gave us the time to encourage several of those whose life had taken some difficult turns. We were privileged to participate in the church recently started there by Damian and Natalia Cejas, missionaries sent out of a church in a neighboring province. Please pray for them as they minister to the people in San Luis.

The kids at Lake Potrero in San Luis.

The kids at Lake Potrero in San Luis.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in October? Why yes, in Argentina it is! And this year’s Mother’s Day dinner was very special because the youth from the church planned it and executed it to perfection! It was wonderful to see so many youth serving the ladies of our church. Over twenty helped with meal preparation, childcare, decor, music, a skit, devotional, and gifts. What a great way for them to serve! We had a few ladies present, including our landlord’s wife, Lorena. Please pray for her and Pablo to come to know the Lord!

Mother's Day dinner at church. Lorena is on the right in front.

Mother’s Day dinner at church. Lorena is on the right in front.

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