The Move, Marriage and Management in Ministry- July August 2016

Moved Out and In

We were down to the wire and hadn’t been able to find any rentals that would fit our needs in the area we were moving to. Then, God provided a house that, while not perfect, is in a great location (in the center of the town we want to begin a work in), and has most of what we were looking for. So, we were able to sign on the house and we are now renting in Gonzalez Catan! We have been adjusting during the month of August, and are pretty well settled. This is one step closer to where God has been leading, and we have already begun developing relationships with the neighbors here. Please pray for us as we soon will begin meeting weekly with our “team” that will be assisting us in planting the new church. We are excited!



Holding Down the Fort

We have been heavily involved with the ministries of Iglesia Bautista Calvario, and the seminary these past two years. As a result, when Barry and Diane Courts (Rachelle’s parents and pastor of the church) needed to go on furlough, Ben was one of the ones left in charge. We truly love this church family and so many of them have pitched in to keep everything running smoothly. However, Satan has been attacking the families of the church, and we have had to begin counseling multiple couples through some difficult times. Please pray as we continue counseling: that hearts will open to God’s work and that these marriages will be saved and their families will thrive.

Special service before the Courts left on furlough.

Special service before the Courts left on furlough.

Family Happenings

We don’t always update about family happenings, but there have been a few these past two months that we wanted to mention: Lucas turned 10 on July 3rd, Nicolas began his journey walking, climbing, and getting into everything; and Natalie turned 12 on August 27th and joined the youth group! The children have been wonderful helpers through this move to our new house which is half an hour from our current church. They have a couple of friends in this area, but pray that God will provide more friends for them in our new city.

Our wonderful blessings!

Our wonderful blessings!

Click for our printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter July August 2016

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