September October 2016

Conference Time


The pastors who attended the Bible Conference.

The second week of October we had the opportunity to participate in a three-day Bible conference here in Buenos Aires. We came together to  motivate each other to collaborate toward accomplishing the task of the Great Commission in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay. There were 12 different speakers (including Ben), each dealing with a different aspect of unity. It truly was a blessing and a great encouragement. One of the highlights was the pastors’ meeting on the last day, where the need for more churches in Argentina was stressed. We also committed to pray for and help each other, and the church planters going out of our churches in a much bigger way. Since then, we have already seen an increase in communication and specific needs being met among the pastors and churches. There is a huge amount of work to be done among the churches here. Please pray for this. God does amazing things when His people pray for what is always close to His heart: REACHING THE LOST!”

Mother’s Day Happenings


Mother{s Day theme in Moreno, Buenos Aires “Redeeming the Time”.

We not only had our own Mothers’ Day event at our church, but Rachelle was also asked to speak at a mother/daughter tea at another church in the Greater Buenos Aires area. The theme was “Redeeming the Time”, and the women had spent much time in advance preparation for this event including inviting unsaved friends and family! Rachelle was very excited when one of the women there, Fiorella, gave her life to Christ after the devotional that Rachelle gave! What a blessing and answered prayer, because the church family had been praying for Fiorella’s salvation for eight years!! It is wonderful to be used by God!

Coming Up


Any study, meeting, or fellowship can be accompanied by the traditional drink: máte

We are thrilled that plans are moving forward for the upcoming church plant. November 13th we begin weekly meetings with our “team”. This team is made up of members from our current church (which will become our new church plants’ mother church) who all live in Gonzalez Catan. During these weekly meetings we will be studying the marks of a healthy church, our goals, and fine-tuning details for when we start holding services. We still plan on helping at the church in Isidro Casanova, even after we officially begin the new church plant.

Click for the printable prayer letter: prayer-letter-2016-sep-oct

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