2016 Year in Review


Top 5 Note-worthy happenings this year:

1. We started off the year with youth camps, where many decisions were made. Then Ben preached at a family camp during Easter week in Uruguay.

2. Halfway through the year we led the church while veteran missionaries, Barry and Diane Courts were on furlough for two months. It was an instructive time for us in which God helped us counsel a few families through some hard issues.
3. Looking towards the future, we moved to Gonzalez Catan, which is half an hour from the area we are currently serving.
4. In relation to #3, we began weekly meetings with our core group for the new church we are planning to start in 2017! It is exciting and challenging at the same time. and we have seen God open so many doors and bring many people together for the start of this new ministry.
5. As of December 29, we are celebrating 15 years of marriage! We are so thankful to God for giving us to each other for these wonderful 15 years.

Kids Update


This was a big year for Natalie. She got braces, turned twelve, started in the youth group, and finished 6th grade! She’s a beautiful young lady, inside and out, helping in whatever is needed, and growing in her relationship with God!


Lucas turned 10 this year, completed 4th grade, and is finally bilingual. He loves hanging out with all his friends,  and entertains us with his creative, funny mind.  We pray he channels all his creativity and energy  towards serving God!


Our precious Alenna was 7 for most of the year and in 2nd grade. This year she took off with her reading in English and in Spanish, and she loves to play with her baby brother Nico, play with toys, and do crafts.


Nicolás turned one half way through the year and he went from crawling to walking, to running and climbing. He’s a hilarious little guy, and we are so thankful God saw fit to bless our family with him.
Click for a Printable prayer letter: 2016-year-in-review-prayer-letter
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