January February 2017


It had been a while since we had any visitors from out of the country come to see us. As a result, we were very excited to not only have one but two sets of visitors come! We, along with our best friends from the United States, the Adams, surprised our children with a long-awaited visit. It was a wonderful surprise, since our children hadn’t seen their best friends since we left the US 2 1/2 years ago! We enjoyed a wonderful ten days together right during the New Year’s celebration, and showed them around the Capital. Now we all have memories together in our adopted country! The next week we welcomed two of our former students from our days in the youth ministry at our sending Church. Michaela and Angelica came down to not only visit us, but also to help out during the camp season. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them at our home, and also at camp. We thank God for all these wonderful friends who used their time and hard-earned money to come and refresh us with their presence.

Our friends, the Adams family, came to visit during the New Year celebration.

Michaela and Angelica came to help out with the youth and kids camps.

Camp Time

January is always camp time, and we had another wonderful camp season. Ben helped out in two of the three weeks of camp, and our whole family packed our bags and headed there for the last week. As usual we were blessed to be a part of the time with the campers and other leaders and counselors. We thank God for this ministry, and for the many decisions that were made during these weeks!

Kids camp group.

Church Plant


We have now been meeting with our core group for the new church plant for 3 months, and things are moving along, although sometimes not as fast as we’d like of course! We began renting a property in February, hoping to begin renovations on it right away, but we have been delayed by some municipal red tape. Paperwork and processes here are very different than in the US unfortunately! However, during this time we have been ironing out several wrinkles with our group, and one was deciding on a church name. We voted and decided on the name Iglesia Bautista Redención (Redemption Baptist Church) once we are a formally organized church!

Weekly meetings with our core group as we prepare to launch the church.

Prayer Requests

  1. Salvation for our new neighbors.
  2. The new building would be up, running, and finished so we can open the doors!
  3. Personal discipleships, and group discipling will continue strong.


  1. We have a building for the new church plant!
  2. Salvation of Mikaela, a teen in our area.
  3. 3 were baptized at t he church in Isidro Casanova.

Click for Printable Prayer Letter- Jan Feb 2017

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