March April 2017

Construction Underway

After many hiccups in paperwork and government red tape, we finally were able to get electricity at our new church building so we could begin with construction and repairs. Basically, we rented two large connected buildings that were pretty much empty. So, along with repairs we needed to add a second bathroom, and entrance, classrooms, and many other things. We are hoping to begin cleaning and painting on the auditorium side sometime next week, and have everything up and ready so we can start canvasing the neighborhood with flyers the last week of May/first week of June. We are praying to have our opening service on June 11th! Our team is very excited to begin soon. Sometimes the process is much longer than we’d like, but God’s timing is perfect, and we have been using this time to grow closer as a church plant team and closer to the Lord.

The church building coming along.

Some of the workers










We are still staying strong discipling some of those who are part of our startup team, but also helping them begin to disciple someone also! Please pray for Ben, who is personally discipling three men and Rachelle who is personally discipling three women, and hopefully a fourth soon. We truly believe that lives are changed when we “each one, reach one”. This includes discipleship so that a new convert (or in some cases, not so new) can grow to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and effectively impact their world with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Our group enjoying a day togetrher with a few invited guests.

School Days

March saw us begin a new year of school- with Ben teaching in the Bible college again during at least one evening each week, Natalie in 7th grade, Lucas in 5th grade, and Alenna in 3rd grade. Nico is still our homeschool mascot, or general distraction, since he is almost two  and constantly getting into everything as we try to study. Along with a new school year, Lucas also began taking Taekwondo and the girls are wanting to start art or music lessons. These activities will not only help the kids physically, but also help us reach out to the community. Over all it’s a wonderful life with our crazy family in a new crazy school year.

Our new 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders!

For a printable prayer letter, please click the link: Prayer Letter- 2017- March April





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