May June 2017

First Meeting!

Sometimes we don’t have enough words to tell all that is in our hearts.  These past two months have been very full and busy. Ben, along with men from our mother church (Calvary Baptist Church, Isidro Casanova), and men from our new church have been working tirelessly to get the new church building up and ready. Of course, there were many things happening last minute to bring it all together. Our core group helped hand out invitations, and then we waited to see who the Lord would bring through our doors. Iglesia Bautista Redención (Redemption Baptist Church) was finally inaugurated on June 11th, 2017!!!

Many from our mother church came to support us on the first Sunday. So, they, along with our core group, and visitors totaled 85-90! We were thrilled to have that many come to our first servie. We had one profession of faith on that first night, with others interested and asking questions.

Many of those present during the first Sunday.

First Weeks

The following weeks have leveled out and we have consistently been running around 40 each Sunday, with one more profession of faith! We’ve had followup visits with all the first time visitors, and many have expressed interest in continuing to come. Two families, and a couple of kids have been coming faithfully, and  we are excited for their interest in God and His Word, and the change God is working in their lives.

We are very excited to now be ministering in Iglesia Bautista Redencion.

More Firsts

Please be in prayer for upcoming events and plans for the new church plant. We are already discipling multiple individuals, and Ben has begun to disciple a new couple, David and Roxana. Roxana has not made a profession of faith yet, but has many questions. Also, we began planning for our first Childrens’ Day event. Childrens’ Day is a major holiday here and a great time to open our doors to the community for evangelistic purposes. We are very excited for all the involvement of our core group, and even some of the new attendees to make this a success! We praise God for this new congregation!

The fathers present our first Father’s Day.

Click for printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2017- May June


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