We were hoping that by now we would have some differences or changes in the lockdown situation here in Argentina to report to you. Unfortunately nothing much has changed. As of the end of June we have  spent over 100 days in quarantine. Our kids have only left a couple of times each to go the the doctor, a trip to church in the van to check on the church building, and going to the corner stores to buy candy or dog food. The only two to go out are Ben and Rachelle, to the store regularly, do some visiting (always armed with a government-mandated mask and permit), or take some food boxes.

As a family we are coping fine, but 100 days indoors is still 100 days! We have a large back yard which we are thankful for, and a large enough house that we are not  tripping over each other, but the novelty of it all wore off after the first month. We have tried to use the extra time (time that would normally be spent with other people, or traveling) to play with our kids and be more actively involved with them as compared to when we are running here and there with ministry that normally occurs outside the walls of our house.

Many celebrations have taken place while quarantined: the church’s 3rd anniversary, Father’s Day, and Nico’s birthday!

Ministry is still occurring, but most of it has still continued to be delegated to Zoom through Wednesday night meetings, men, ladies, and youth Bible studies, and facebook live Sunday morning services and  children’s classes. It has been a difficult time trying to continue to minister to our people who are tired of being indoors, some in hard family situations. Many are hurt and  frustrated at loss of regular jobs, the lack of real connection, and poor internet adds to an ever increasing spiritual distancing from the rest of the church body.

Ladies’ meeting on Zoom. We have been able to finish one Bible study and began a second one!
Sunday service is a routine now/ transmitting live through Facebook. Lucas is our AV guy!

The end is still not in sight. The government will not say when they will lift restrictions, and as of right now, restrictions state that people can only go out of their homes to do “necessary” errands such as grocery shop and go to some doctor appointments. Everything else is closed. Failure to have legal “papers to circulate” when stopped can result in fines, vehicle impounded, and even a night in jail. Tensions are high in the country, but so far only peaceful protests have taken place. Please pray for Argentina. Desperate economic times are resulting from this shutdown. We pray it will all be resolved soon. 

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