July-Septmeber 2020

Our lives continue to be bound by an endless quarantine, prohibiting social gatherings including church services. September 20th marked six months of remaining indoors and not gathering as a church family! However, amidst the upheaval and the setbacks this causes, we have seen the truth  Paul highlights in 2 Timothy 2:9. The apostle, while imprisoned and in chains, describes his resolute focus for the sake of the Gospel. He expresses a passion to do all that is necessary, and endure even as a prisoner, so that others may hear the good news. The basis for it all: “God’s Word is not bound!” Even though we have been in this quarantine lockdown for so long, we can firmly state “God’s Word is not in quarantine!” Here are some of the ways this truth has played out recently:  

Natalie turned 16 in August during the quarantine!
Lucas turned 14 during the quarantine!

We have been able to continue meeting through Facebook Live streams, Zoom and Whatsapp calls, and even visiting many in person during these months. One on one discipleship has increased, and people who normally would not reach out for help or counsel are doing so in this time. One of our church members has lived in her neighborhood for over 30 years, and everyone knows she is a Christian. In the past couple of months desperate neighbors or family members have reached out to her and she has been able to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them, leading 3 of them to the Lord! She is also beginning to disciple them and see them grow in their walk with God. We praise God for how God is using her and others in our church to reach out in these hard times with the Gospel. 

Sunday, September 20th we had a BAPTISM in our backyard pool! Martin and Carolina were saved last year, and have been discipled throughout the quarantine. Since we didn’t know when it would be possible to do a baptism at church, we did not to wait any longer. It was wonderful to see them take this important step in their spiritual growth and walk with Christ.
 We have also been inviting individual families of our church over to eat once a week. Some of the families do have immuno- compromised family members and we respect their need to stay isolated, but others so desperately need to be in contact with others, especially their church family. We are seeing small steps in this direction, but pray that churches will be allowed to legally gather and worship together very soon!    

Martin was saved last year when his marriage fell apart and he realized he needed the Lord.
Carolina, Martin’s wife, Came to the Lord after seeing Martin’s life change. Their lives and their marriage are now new in Christ!

Click the link for a printable prayer letter:

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  1. trudy says:

    Via To Natalie and Lucas! Keep safe you all.

      Trudy Ashley 757.567.5363 (C)


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