October – December 2020

Happy  Mother’s Day to Merry Christmas! October brought us Mother’s Day here in Argentina, and, as usual for this year, we celebrated it differently, without a large event at church because we were still not allowed by the government to meet for such things. So, we hosted an online and in-person Mother’s Day meeting in different houses of our church ladies, with a special speaker all the way from Mexico! Since all the houses connected to Zoom it was possible to be “together”  with our church ladies. Once again we adapt to whatever way we can to be able to meet the spiritual needs of our people.

Mother’s Day- The ladies from our church in different houses and our special speaker, a missionary in Mexico!

Starting in November churches were allowed to meet indoors once again! Restrictions still abound, and no one under twelve nor  over sixty is supposed to attend our one-hour meeting. We, of course, struggle with this since our church has close to half our attendees in those two age brackets. As a result, church attendance is only half of what it used to be, along with people being discouraged because of multiple reasons. So, we ask you to pray that our people will prioritize being together as a church family.

First indoor church service after 7 1/2 months!

In December Rachelle made a quick trip to the U.S. for a week for her grandmother’s funeral, who  unexpectedly fell ill and passed away. It was a good time to be there for her grandfather, mom and dad, and aunts and uncles during this hard time in the family. Thank you to those of you who prayed for her and her family during that time! She made it back in time to finish things up for the many Christmas events.   

This year Christmas church events were very different due to COVID restrictions, but Christ was still preached and God still worked. Through some generous supporters, God enabled us to be a blessing to our neighborhood. The church pitched in  and we gave out 400 bags of groceries to needy families around the church. Approximately 100 families were also willing to receive a Bible and information about our church. We are praying that God works through this and other things to do His ministry here in our city.

Preparing grocery bags with people from our church. It was such a blessing to be able to serve our community together in this way!

Please PRAY for our church, city, and country in the New Year. Argentina suffers from moral and spiritual poverty along with economic poverty also. We pray God will work a revival in Argentine hearts. It is desperately needed. 

Click the following link for our a printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter Oct-Dec 2020

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