May June July 2021

Greetings from winter in cold Argentina. We are in the middle of winter break right now (end of July), and enjoying a rest from school and seminary, but will start back up soon at the beginning of August. We praise God for a good first half of the school year, with seminary classes being only online again since the lockdown in April and May. We have many taking classes to prepare for ministry that normally would not, so we praise God for that.

We had outdoor services for April- May, and even three weeks of virtual services when the country had a larger lockdown at the end of May, but praise God we were able to be inside in June, when the colder weather hit! We had many Sundays right above freezing which would not have been nice for having outdoor services.

Outdorr services during April and May.

Every time we go forward or backward in quarantine all the measures change for us so we are constantly having to re-plan and readjust how many services we can have per week, the length of each, and time of day. It is exhausting, but we must be flexible if we want the church to remain open and available to our members and the community. Because of our desire to be worshiping in-person as much as possible we have had families join who have not been able to find a church home during this time. Many churches have closed their doors and after almost a year and a half of Covid, many are almost desperate to find a good church  home. We praise God we can be that spiritual home and refuge to them, while continuing to minister to the church family God has already given us to serve. 

After two years of being away from the Lord, Alejandro came back!

We have had grocery outreach in May and July because of many of you giving sacrificially. We thank God for this, because there is a great physical need in our area as a result of fewer jobs because of the pandemic. It is a wonderful time for our church family to serve the neighborhood, and talk to them of their greater need- salvation! We were also able to give used clothing in the July outreach, which was gratefully recieved also! We hope to keep doing these events as long as we are able. They are a light to our community during these dark times of the Covid pandemic. Covid is still running rampant here, and the health system collapses regularly because of the lack of resources. Please pray for both the spiritual and physical health needs of the Argentine people and our ministry. 

One of our church ladies sharing the Gospel with someone who had come during our grocery outreach.

Click the link below to download or view a printable version of our prayer letter:

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