August September 2021

Restrictions are finally easing up here in Argentina! We praise God that we can finaly begin to go back to “normality” in many ways. What this implies is that we could hold a children’s day event in August, membership classes for those interested in joining the church, and an eye clinic/grocery giveaway in September.  The CHILDREN’S DAY event was still smaller than usual, but we were able to have twenty-six children and many of their families come and hear the Gospel. It was also an opportunity to involve new members in the planning and carrying out of this event. It is always wonderful to involve others in serving God through serving our church and community. We praise God for  the involvement of our church family, and the dedication to Christ’s cause.

Children’s Day Celebration.

The last 3M EVENT (stands for Message, Materials, and Groceries- “Mercaderia”- in Spanish) the church was able to hold was a discount eye exam clinic and grocery giveaway. These are always wonderful times to reach out to our community with the explicit reason of sharing the Gospel message with those who come. Many came for the free eye exams and discounted eyeglasses, many for free groceries. But, what many did not know was that they would also leave with the message of God’s love and salvation. We have had a couple of people begin attending as a result of these events, but we pray it will contniue to bear more fruit in the coming months. We, once again, thank those of you who make these events possible through your generous and loving giving. God is good to provide!

We thank God that we have many desiring to join the church through MEMBERSHIP. Because of the confusion emotionally driven religion causes here in Argentina, we usually accept members after going through a membership class so they can be sure to know and agree with our biblical stance on doctrinal issues. This is a wonderful time in which those wishing to join our church family grow closer together and see what we are all about. We project to have a baptismal/new members service in October to welcome those who desire to grow and serve the Lord together with our church family. Praise God for these new colaborers He has sent our way to serve and minister to our community with us.  Please pray for spiritual strength and unity in our church as we know Satan does not want churches to grow and be a strong witness for the cause of Christ.

Sunday School Kids’ Class.
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  1. Gregory L May says:

    Glad to hear all the things that you are doing. Prayers.

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