October November 2021

This OCTOBER Ben co-planned a yearly fellowship CONFERENCE for pastors and missionaries throughout Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. This year it was virtual as well as in person. There were only about seventy present because of travel restrictions and complications, but many were able to benefit from watching the services and preaching online. We praise God that the theme “Persevering in the Ministry” was very encouraging and practical.

Pastors attending the conference

We also celebrated MOTHER’S DAY here in Argentina once again in October! This year for Mother’s Day we had a beautiful celebration. It is wonderful when the church gets to be large and mature enough to take part and share in the ministry burden. We  were privileged to have the Mother’s Day event planned and carried out mainly by the church ladies! We had a fellow pastor’s wife share a special challenge to mothers, and we had over forty-five mothers and daughters attend! We praise God for this! Many were first time visitors and were able to hear the Gospel presented possibly for the first time. No one made a profession of faith that day, but we are thankful that seeds were planted.

Mother´s Day at church

BAPTISMS and NEW MEMBERS are always a reason for rejoicing. Praise God there were four who followed the Lord in believers’ baptism on October 24th. That same day we had a special service for those who were baptized and those who had finished membership classes, and a total of ten people joined the church! We have seen an influx of new attenders with all the craziness and uncertainty of the COVID pandemic. However it comes about, God is faithful to grow His church and we are grateful to be a part of this ministry here in González Catán, Argentina. Please continue to pray for unity and servant hearts in our congregation. Many of the new members have been plugged into areas of service, but we pray that everyone will see the need to be involved and minister together to others.

Some new members sharing their testimonies

Five years ago some area pastor’s wives decided to start a regional WOMEN’S RETREAT the first weekend in December. Rachelle and her mother, Diane, planned this year’s retreat to be held on December 4th, and 135 women were able to attend!  This was a record number for this retreat, and they were blown away by the eagerness of women around Buenos Aires to gather together and spend some much needed time in God’s Word with other believers. It was a relaxing, encouraging time. We were also glad that thirteen women from our church were able to go!

The women from Iglesia Bautista Redención at the ladies’ retreat

Please continue to PRAY for the remaining activities this year, such as Christmas baskets to be given on Saturday, December 18th, and our church’s first official Christmas program on Sunday, December 26th!

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