September October 2018

September was pretty low key, with regular meetings, discipleships, etc. However, October was packed with many things: We traveled to the province of CORDOBA for a conference, so we took off a couple of days before we needed to and had a mini family vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other just relaxing and having fun. We were thankful that our church family back home did well for themselves on their first Sunday without us. It’s always great to know they can do it on their own, even though they did say they missed us.

Our family together in Villa Carlos Paz, a beautiful touristic city, in the background.

After our mini vacation, we headed into the capital city of Cordoba for a yearly CONFERENCE which we usually attend, to listen to good preaching, meet new missionaries and pastors, and fellowship with others serving in the southern cone of South America (Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay). The host church put on a wonderful conference, even feeding those who attended at no cost! They were truly a blessing to everyone in how they served. And of course we left thoroughly blessed and encouraged to hear about all God is doing in and around our little corner of the world.

Pastors present at the conference we attended in Cordoba.

We celebrated MOTHER’S DAY once again this October, here in Argentina. This was the second Mother’s Day event we planned, and we were so very encouraged to have 28 mothers and daughters in attendance! Almost all of our women were present, including four brand new visitors, who heard the Gospel message! Please pray for these women: Florencia, Milagros, Liz, and Lucia to come to know the Lord as their Savior. Also, for Miriam, the mother of one of our youth, who comes to special events, but has not  yet made a decision for Christ.

Those present for our Mother’s Day event! It was the best attendance to a ladies’ event so far!
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July August 2018

Our YOUTH GROUP has been expanding recently because of birthdays- kids can begin attending the youth meetings when they turn 12. Our bi-weekly youth meetings have been increasing in number, and also in fellowship and camaraderie, which is very encouraging. Please pray for our youth. Many come from broken homes, come without their parents, or are simply struggling (as all youth do) to find their way in the world. Also pray for Nahuel and Florencia, our youth leaders, to have the right words guide them spiritually.

In July and August we celebrated two of our children’s BIRTHDAYS- Lucas and Natalie’s. They both enjoyed inviting friends from church and taekwondo to come for birthday sleepovers. Two different birthday celebrations for two awesome kids! It is neat to see the friendships they are developing, not only with other Christian young people, but also reaching out to their unsaved friends. Please pray for their spiritual growth and testimony, and for their friends salvations and growth also. There are many things fighting against our children’s godliness, and more so here on the mission field.

August is the month that hosts NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY here in Argentina! It is a wonderful chance to reach out to our neighbors with the Good News of Jesus! Our church held a “family celebration” for friends and family this year. We invited whole families to come and celebrate the day with our church family. Pictured above are some of those visitors. The theme for it was “Superheroes”. Everything revolved around teaching that Jesus is more than just a superhero- He’s our SAVIOR! Thank God for the many visitors who came and heard the Gospel message!



Our new-to-us van! – Our old van needed the engine rebuilt, so with that and other factors, we realized we needed a different ministry vehicle- It is a 13 passenger- perfect for ministry! Thank you for your faithful giving which allowed us to save up to purchase this vehicle!!!

Click the following link to print our prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2018- JulyAugust

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May June 2018

Happy Anniversary!

The most noteworthy event we have had so far this year is Iglesia Bautista Redención’s first Anniversary!!! We are truly blessed to be leading the special group of believers who God has led to congregate with us. The celebration service was a wonderful testament to the wonderful works which God has done this past year. We have been averaging in between 45-50 recently, but were blessed to have almost one-hundred come to help us celebrate this special day, including many first time visitors!

Our whole church family helped in the preparations, which was a blessing. It is so impactful when the whole body joins together to serve each other and visitors who come in the doors of the church. Some of these visitors were the extended family members of Raquel, one of our church members, whose brother passed away suddenly. They have all been shocked by this loss and we are trying to minister to them during this difficult time. Please pray that the whole family would come to know Christ through this ordeal.

Certificates given to those who completed a certain level in the discipleship program.

Many of those present during the anniversary service.

The anniversary cake made by one of our church members.

Rachelle with two young women of our church, Micaela and Celeste (left to right).

Lucas with two of his friends, Aaron and Dylan (left to right).

We would love to share all the photos of the special celebration on here, however we do not have room to do so! If you’d like to see more, you can search for the church on facebook (, and then look through the photo album there. Some of the photos are of our church members and others are of visitors, along with members from our “mother church” who came to support us on this special day. Enjoy!

Click for the printable version: Prayer Letter- 2018- MayJune

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May 2018

New Routines

March saw us returning to the busy routine of homeschool, Seminary teaching (Ben), and a full load of personal discipleships for both Ben and Rachelle since everyone was back from vacation. Natalie, Lucas, and Alenna are in 8, 6, and 4th grade this year! They are hard workers, and we are so proud of them. They also are involved in Tae-kwon-do (Nat and Luc) and gymnastics (Alenna). Please pray for their continued growth, not just as students, but as young disciples of Jesus Christ.

First day of school, March 12, 2018.

Family Camp

We joined our “mother church for Easter family camp this year. Twenty-seven people from our congregation went the weekend before Easter. It was a wonderful time of getting to know each other better, listening to God’s Word, and worshipping together. Those who went for the first time said they thoroughly enjoyed it and want to return next year! We thank God that our neighbor, Cesar, accepted Jesus as his Savior during this wonderful time! We had been praying for him for months!

Cesar (83), our neighbor who accepted Christ as his Savior at camp!

New Class

Iglesia Bautista Redencion didn’t have very many preschoolers, but recently more have started coming, so Rachelle began teaching a preschool class during the Sunday School hour. We praise God for these little ones who want to learn about God.  Almost all the children from houses on the same block as the church come to Sunday School! What a great ministry opportunity!  Please pray that we will be able to reach the parents of these children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our new preschool Sunday School class.

Click for printable: Prayer Letter- 2018- MarchApril

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March 2018


Camp season is such a wonderful time in the life of a youth. So many wonderful decisions are made at church camp that impact the rest of a young person’s life. We were happy to take 4 teens, and 4 preteens to camp from our new church this year!  Many decisions for Christ were made which always thrills us! Hopefully next year we will have many more youth able to attend, since we had two teens that weren’t able to attend last minute because of health issues, and they were extremely disappointed not to go.

Ben with the older three teens from our church at youth camp.

First Baptisms

The time finally arrived in which we were able to hold our first baptisms! Because of our small space we have searched for options for a baptistry, but finally just bought a small pool that can be set up and taken down easily. It was not ideal, but baptizing those who have been recently saved was a priority. Nine were baptized, including two of our children, and it was a very sweet moment for our church to see the growth that is happening! Please pray for the continued spiritual growth for those baptized (from left to right): Sergio, Micaela, Gabriel, Celeste, Sofia, Sonia, Alan, Alenna, and Lucas. All of them are being personally discipled!

Ben and Rachelle along with those who followed in believer’s baptism.

Strong Marriages: Strong Families

We held our first Couples’ meeting in February, and will be holding monthly meetings to strengthen the marriages and families in our church. Please be in prayer for our church families, many of the couples have hard struggles they have to deal with from past decisions, and it is an uphill battle. However, we are thankful for those that are stronger now because of personal spiritual growth and discipleship, such as the Acostas (pictured below)! Also, pray for Guillermo and Mirta because they are our “right hand” laborers and we know that Satan never is happy when people step up to serve God and others. Pray for their strength and encouragement.

Guillermo and Mirta,, one of the couples who marriage has been turned around because of God working through their discipleship and obedience.

We thank God for:

* We were able to get Nicolas’ US citizenship and passport done!

* Camps and baptisms

Keep praying for:

* Continued growth of those being discipled

* Families strengthened

* Church to grow

* Family Easter Camp

Click for printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2018- JanuaryFebruary

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November December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Iglesia Bautista Redención experienced her first Christmas season. We were tempted to do a huge production, but had to remind ourselves that bigger is not always better, especially with a small church. So, in order not to overwhelm everyone, we had a simple, but very special, Christmas Eve service, with Bible readings, Christmas carols, special music, and a short skit by the kids. If you want to see some of these, you can look on our facebook page: Also, our church family gave Christmas baskets to two needy families. When we presented this opportunity to the church family, two individual families said that they each had already planned on doing a Christmas basket for two other individuals of the church family! It was such a blessing to see their genuine generosity!

Children’s Christmas skit during our Christmas Eve service.

Recent Happenings

So much ministry is constantly happening throughout our church that it’s hard to know what all to tell. In these past two months there have been souls saved: Sonia (a single mother), Lucas (a young man from the neighborhood), and Duglas (our neighbor) and new discipleship relationships started, not only with us but four other members are stepping up to personally disciple new Christians. Five ladies of our church participated in a women’s retreat, and we also had our first church wedding, of Gabriel and Celeste, a young couple who decided to honor the Lord in their relationship. It is a wonderful time of growth, and although we do have our growing pains, we are encouraged to see people ministering to each other. Please pray for the church members to be faithful during the coming summer months, and also pray for camps during January.

Douglas, a young man who had just given his life to Christ.

Family Fun

We enjoy family visits just like any other family who is far away from loved ones. Ben’s parents came for almost two weeks to visit us in November, and it was wonderful for the kids to have “Grandpa and Grandma time”. Nico only knew them through Skype, since the last time they were here was when he was a few months old. We enjoyed spending some wonderful moments and days with them! Also, Rachelle’s brother, Daniel, who currently lives in the U.S., came for two months, so we were able to see him a few times also! These definitely are cherished times for us!

Ben’s parents came to visit for a couple of weeks.

Rachelle’s brother Daniel came to visit the family for a couple of months.

Click for printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2017- Nov Dec

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September October 2017

Discipleship Conference

A fellow missionary’s church hosted a disciple-making conference from September 11-13. We participated whole-heartedly, understanding that through discipleship is how we strengthen believers to accomplish the Great Commission. We were challenged and encouraged to make discipleship the foundation of our church’s ministries, and have already implemented changes to get everyone involved so that the each individual member is growing, as Colossians 2:7 states…” Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith…” together with the church body, to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.  Please pray that the whole church will catch the Biblical vision of making disciples.


“Each one: Win, Follow, Lead, Take (a class)”

First Missions Team

We were privileged to have our first missions team come in October. Hickory Ridge Baptist Church, from Springfield, MO has been a supporter for about four years, and we thank God for their support, and also for the blessing that they were to us during the days they were with us. They split the time between us and a fellow missionary, and they worked hard to help us with a few projects we had to do at church and also to hand out tracts. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them! Thank you for being  a blessing to us and our church family in the time you were here!

HRBC group

The mission team from Hickory Ridge Baptist Church, along with fellow missionaries family, the Freemans, from Moreno, Buenos Aires.

Happy Mother’s Day

Argentina is one of the only countries that celebrates Mother’s Day in October. We wanted to celebrate with a special event that would also be our first ladies’ event! Our ladies decided on a “princess theme” (Daughters of the King). We had fun planning it together, and putting it all into place. Rachelle was thrilled at the participation we had in planning, preparing, decorating. She gave the devotional, and there were 5 visitors, and all those who attended said they enjoyed their time and were blessed by it all.

Ladies meeting

Our first Ladies’ event for Mother’s Day.

Click for printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2017- Sept Oct

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July August 2017

Missions on the Mission Field

July is the middle of our cold, humid, rainy winter. However, amidst all the dreariness there is winter break! And anytime there is a break from school it is a perfect time to plan something for youth because they are generally sitting at home bored!  So, our “mother church” hosted an annual youth conference, but with a misions theme this year, along with a missions conference for the whole church (and our church was invited to participate also). Both were very convicting and challenging, mainly in the areas of reaching the unreached indigenous groups. Please pray that many of those who were challenged would use their lives to help send the Gospel around the world! Everyone must be involved for it to happen!

Happy Children’s Day

Children’s Day is an important holiday here in Argentina. Even though our church is just starting out, we wanted to do something for the children in our church and community for this special day. Because of this we planned a festival. We didn’t know how many to expect, so we overplanned, and because of rainy, muddy streets we didn’t have as many children show up as we anticipated, but we were happy to see the 50+ kids and many parents also! The Gospel message was clearly given, and two young girls prayed to recieve Jesus as their Savior! Most of the children came on their own and did not know their addresses, so that posed a problem for following-up with their families, but we were able to visit the few families who did leave addresses, and one family has been coming faithfully since then! It was a blessing to see how our church family worked together to do everything.

Children’s Day 2017

Children’s Day 2017

Answers to Prayer!!!

Of the many people we pray for, two were saved in these past two months! The first one is Roxana, the aunt of Jazmin, who was the first person saved through our church’s ministry, but the second one was our son, Lucas, who realized he had never truly repented from his sins and trusted in Jesus for salvation, even though he did make a profession of faith a few years back. As parents we are thrilled that he recognized his need for assurance!

Our son, Lucas!


Click to print: Prayer Letter- 2017- JulyAugust

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May June 2017

First Meeting!

Sometimes we don’t have enough words to tell all that is in our hearts.  These past two months have been very full and busy. Ben, along with men from our mother church (Calvary Baptist Church, Isidro Casanova), and men from our new church have been working tirelessly to get the new church building up and ready. Of course, there were many things happening last minute to bring it all together. Our core group helped hand out invitations, and then we waited to see who the Lord would bring through our doors. Iglesia Bautista Redención (Redemption Baptist Church) was finally inaugurated on June 11th, 2017!!!

Many from our mother church came to support us on the first Sunday. So, they, along with our core group, and visitors totaled 85-90! We were thrilled to have that many come to our first servie. We had one profession of faith on that first night, with others interested and asking questions.

Many of those present during the first Sunday.

First Weeks

The following weeks have leveled out and we have consistently been running around 40 each Sunday, with one more profession of faith! We’ve had followup visits with all the first time visitors, and many have expressed interest in continuing to come. Two families, and a couple of kids have been coming faithfully, and  we are excited for their interest in God and His Word, and the change God is working in their lives.

We are very excited to now be ministering in Iglesia Bautista Redencion.

More Firsts

Please be in prayer for upcoming events and plans for the new church plant. We are already discipling multiple individuals, and Ben has begun to disciple a new couple, David and Roxana. Roxana has not made a profession of faith yet, but has many questions. Also, we began planning for our first Childrens’ Day event. Childrens’ Day is a major holiday here and a great time to open our doors to the community for evangelistic purposes. We are very excited for all the involvement of our core group, and even some of the new attendees to make this a success! We praise God for this new congregation!

The fathers present our first Father’s Day.

Click for printable prayer letter: Prayer Letter- 2017- May June


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March April 2017

Construction Underway

After many hiccups in paperwork and government red tape, we finally were able to get electricity at our new church building so we could begin with construction and repairs. Basically, we rented two large connected buildings that were pretty much empty. So, along with repairs we needed to add a second bathroom, and entrance, classrooms, and many other things. We are hoping to begin cleaning and painting on the auditorium side sometime next week, and have everything up and ready so we can start canvasing the neighborhood with flyers the last week of May/first week of June. We are praying to have our opening service on June 11th! Our team is very excited to begin soon. Sometimes the process is much longer than we’d like, but God’s timing is perfect, and we have been using this time to grow closer as a church plant team and closer to the Lord.

The church building coming along.

Some of the workers










We are still staying strong discipling some of those who are part of our startup team, but also helping them begin to disciple someone also! Please pray for Ben, who is personally discipling three men and Rachelle who is personally discipling three women, and hopefully a fourth soon. We truly believe that lives are changed when we “each one, reach one”. This includes discipleship so that a new convert (or in some cases, not so new) can grow to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and effectively impact their world with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Our group enjoying a day togetrher with a few invited guests.

School Days

March saw us begin a new year of school- with Ben teaching in the Bible college again during at least one evening each week, Natalie in 7th grade, Lucas in 5th grade, and Alenna in 3rd grade. Nico is still our homeschool mascot, or general distraction, since he is almost two  and constantly getting into everything as we try to study. Along with a new school year, Lucas also began taking Taekwondo and the girls are wanting to start art or music lessons. These activities will not only help the kids physically, but also help us reach out to the community. Over all it’s a wonderful life with our crazy family in a new crazy school year.

Our new 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders!

For a printable prayer letter, please click the link: Prayer Letter- 2017- March April





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